Entrepreneur notesWireless nternet advertising profit model inventory

so as entrepreneurs, to exclude their own narrow thoughts in mind to a seat on the board is correct investors to take control of their own company’s idea, to believe that only you are my dream master, others can only tell you the direction where the needs of their own to fight.

two, financing issues need to pay attention before and after

early in the business, investors will put forward their own proposals and opinions at the business meeting or board of directors, but this is not control, but an investor and entrepreneurs to establish matching process. Under normal circumstances, investors are not rejected any idea of entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs is the core of the company, the direction of development of a company is determined by the entrepreneur, only entrepreneurs know their entrepreneurial intention. Investors will be in the early control of the company, but only in order to prevent some of the money to melt after the loss of the original dream of the entrepreneur, so in financial and other aspects of combing and integration, control risk. read more

Entrepreneurship Godfather Ji Qi every consumption upgrade is a good opportunity to start businessHo

in 10, I founded 3 NASDAQ listed companies with a market capitalization of over 10 billion, and many media called me "godfather of entrepreneurship"". I cannot bear this name, he is often ridicule with profound respect and humility, "good luck". But my adventures are not simply accidents or simple luck. Today’s China is a great opportunity to start a business. I have done 3 listed companies in 10 years, and it is also a proof of many opportunities for entrepreneurship in china. read more

A small woman graduated this year two business income of 6210 yuan a small sum of experienceHow to m

it’s always better to use friends and advertise more of your stores. About 5% of sales.

of course website of this business model, indeed enticing, which break up the whole into parts of website operation mode is indeed a new profit model, if successful, will naturally get profit, which is why many webmaster to join the speed of this kind of website to the alliance, but before joining must take an agreement, the site of the control right to stay in their own hands, so when the website alliance of crisis, they can also be the site move, re operation, not before the effort boondoggle read more

Snack business two years two transformation assault and B round of financingts founder Yu Wu oral

"at that time we decided to pull out the main force and apply it," Zhang Lei said. In this transition, the snack Beijing team all put into the application direction, and the operating system is transferred to the Shanghai team. Separation of the two sets of systems. Two months later, the pastry team found out the situation. Period, dim sum also gets Jinsha River venture capital 1000

, Sina Technology, Meng Hong,

most employees do not have the vision and quality of outstanding staff, many people will only focus on immediate interests. Everyone wants to pay labor, get better material returns, not only because of the environment, but also human nature, this is understandable. But if the competitor with increased material strength can be dug to share who dug customers, may the homogenization of competition in your industry seriously, but also squeezing profit space, this time to maintain more substance than competitors sharing is indeed the most effective way; if the enterprise has been unable to increase profits by squeezing the material to share, indicating that the industry may have a piece of the Red Sea, everyone starts to go up. This is the time for market reshuffle. I always say a word: shuffle > read more

Bottlenecks encountered in the development of domestic B2B website brand shaping into a breakthrough

China e-commerce has developed rapidly in recent years, the B2B e-commerce platform while maintaining stability. China’s B2B platform e-commerce market is large, and showed a trend of development. At the same time, the total number of e-commerce websites in China’s B2B platform is large, and its business models and services tend to be homogeneous. The competition of e-commerce platform in B2B platform is very fierce.

B2B platform of electronic commerce in China in the development process encountered a bottleneck, a part of the problem comes from the environment of e-commerce, such as security, credit and payment, the other part from the operating status of B2B e-commerce website itself, including logistics, customer service, service brand construction etc.. The lack of brand building is a significant problem of B2B e-commerce platform for web business, many websites use low-cost strategy in the fierce competition, the lack of brand strategy development planning, and the lack of brand greatly affected the long-term development of the site. read more

Hungry a system worth 500 million dollars Spelling is the transformation of the restaurant supply ch

O2O is not simply offline to online transfer, but the integrity of the service chain

on the two weeks it is hungry public comment on the investment of $80 million, over 500 million valuation, in equal shares to 300 employees, all is a sister, a brother. This situation is very rare, the United States Whatsapp happened this kind of thing, China, this is the first case.

some people think that this is the concept of speculation, some people think that this is a trick of capital, as well as people feel hungry is simply a blow something out of the grass root artifact, off price below 30 will be finished next year. Personally, things are not as simple as everyone thinks. Bernard Shaw has a word: some people only see the surface of things, they ask why, and I imagine things never appear on the side, I asked why not read more

Share my love with novice friends my misunderstanding of the station

I am a new station of the webmaster, I put my site experience for everyone to say.

the first step: (promotion) I built the station is www.hua126.com, the idea of advertising station can make money. Start to consider the question of ranking. At this point, the first misunderstanding appeared. In order to compete for rankings, chose Baidu promotion. 3600 yuan. Die in one’s eyes. One day’s hits reached 10000+, and I was covered. (click 3 at a time) and spend 3000+ yuan a day. Even a big company can’t do that. What’s the difference between this and burning money?. I took my hand then. Dare not continue to promote it. Promotion should consider their own promotional needs, not blind promotion. read more

Rookie webmaster talk about the local information network of some views

this is a small town, I love the Internet, often in other parts of the information network to see, I feel very convenient, then gradually the initiation of the information network I have to do the idea of starting their own learning site, followed by the help of friends, their own efforts, Houqi information network established operation.

the first choice of name, want to have been held, transferred or sold in others, I am very angry, want to buy, but more expensive, a friend said, do not buy their domain names, you want another, I will use digital instead of letters, hqxxw into h7xxw, this is also good, the name the flag information network, this is the key, just beginning to chose a set of procedures, what they do, because I am not very professional, very poor, the page is in chaos, and later a friend to help for a set of procedures, very beautiful, very neat, less than a month, my net station two keywords are ranked in the first Baidu, Houqi information port, Houqi information network, included the more than 1300, other key words daily front. read more

Site experience rookie site five steps

a few days ago on the Admin5 wrote a soft Wen, very honored, also very unexpected in the home page published, and then there are a lot of friends to mail, plus QQ asked how to site. In fact, I really started to do stand time is not long, you can look at my station, only three months, only major is computer, start may be relatively easy, relatively large NB I just belong to the grassroots webmaster rookie ranks, since you have asked me to talk about my rookie road here, for rookie reference. Master: Oh ~ ~ ~, can go home to watch TV with my girlfriend, what, ^_^. read more

Let your users do not run away five of the killer

is our webmaster friends, most worried about is to the user, but because we are not timely and users to communicate effectively, leading to some potential users are likely to drain, then how should we do? Here by rookie and everyone together to discuss this topic:

1. communicate effectively through the QQ group

you must have this experience, for example, we download a video, but it is likely that after watching the video we will still exist some problems, so now we just in the back of the video added "what if you have other questions, we can add the QQ group", believe this advertising everyone can accept it, the key is that it can effectively increase the number of potential users, we do not flow up? There is no such figure of the webmaster friends, you can get it. read more

Lu Songsong how does the stationmaster build personal brand

some people is the first website after a personal brand, such as the owners of the house of A Fei; some people is the first personal brand website, such as Li Kaifu I school, Li Kaifu is my personal brand to maximize the character, he said the autobiography sold more than a million, if each of the received only two dollars royalties, then there are 2 million income. Below, Lu from the details on how to build a personal brand.

a person brand positioning

to establish personal brand, we must first "brand positioning."". Figure out a few questions: what do you want to become? Is your job valuable? Are you worth it? Personality is different. Everyone’s brand positioning is different. Find out what makes you different from others: what do others think is your greatest strength? What are the most notable personal characteristics? read more

Webmaster legal knowledge refining network evidence collection method

the most important thing in the law is evidence. The lawyer this line has such a sentence: "kill not for life, not necessarily to repay debt." That means that if you don’t have the evidence, it’s possible that it’s the other person’s fault, but you can’t help it. Let us remind you that evidence is not necessarily equal to fact. So evidence is very important to litigation.

in the case of network infringement, the preservation of evidence is more difficult. After all, deleting and changing is just a matter of changing a few code, so here are some tips and methods for preserving the evidence. Remember, if you need one day, read more

Rui Yang how far is the authenticity of online marketing interaction from us

we are talking about the network marketing development today, interactive network marketing is the key to achieve effective communication. So the small and medium-sized enterprise in network marketing, the so-called interaction, whether true? Why a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises feel the network marketing interaction is very strong, but the effect is very failure Rui Yang? Want to say something about this thing


, the Navy

believe that many Internet companies in the customer to do network marketing, have spent a lot of water. In order to achieve an interactive effect. To tell you the truth, but also with sharp ocean Navy. The problem of how to use the ocean, Rui said, Navy early just the customer’s information will be spread out, to achieve the "start" the effect of. If the tail is full of water in the head to do. Then this interaction is false. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why network marketing is not working well. So Internet companies are fine. Customer. Be sure to think about when you should do something. read more

Analysis of four factors determining the success of website development

it’s a good thing for college students to start a business. However, we have no idea of the chances of success. According to research data, the majority of college students fail in business. Successful college students are only a small part. Because when you start your business, you don’t realize the management of risk. There is no definite plan for the funds and advantages of entrepreneurship. The same thing happened during the operation of the website. Webmaster blindly choose some Wangzhuan project to proceed with the establishment of the website, did not expect to eventually left with nothing whatsoever. So, as a webmaster, how should I do, the success of the website operation? What factors must be necessary to succeed? I have had successful examples, talk about my experience, and I hope it works for you. read more

nterpretation of soft paper exactly what brought us

now many webmaster all like to write soft Wen, as long as there is a new station, will immediately rely on writing soft Wen to do propaganda. But is it clear what soft text can bring us?


many webmaster just rely on soft Wen to get traffic, get IP, in fact, this is only the surface. Of course, soft Wen brought not only traffic, and more importantly, reprint more, the link to the site is also more, but also can improve some weight.

as we all know, ADMIN5 is a soft text accumulation place. As a qualified webmaster, that must learn to write soft text. Do not you see, those outside the chain of big website frequently tens of thousands of where they come from? Most of these were written greatly soft, but also to write a soft text level, also to write to the editor to appreciate your article, although it is soft, but I can’t put the editors too soft, at least let Adsense nets editors don’t see your post is a yawn. Soft text does not need how much literary grace, the important thing is attentively, use a bit skill. read more

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the media blog and the main points of operation

last night, a small friend of the same frequency asked me where I bought my blog space, and then I said I bought it from ali. Just bought it at the agency.

then I asked him, "do you want to be an independent blogger,


: he said, "yes, feeling from the media, there should be an independent blog.".

some time ago, I found out that some friends who started from the media began to make their own independent blogs. Why do you want to be a personal independent blogger,


, let me tell you some of the advantages of being an independent blogger: read more

A website linked to horse webmaster helpless

today proposed this topic website linked to horse, perhaps many webmaster have experienced, so what is the horse? The horse is hacking sites, will write their web page Trojan embedded by black web page, by black web traffic will spread their own web page Trojan, in order to achieve their own not to be divulged. Objective. Site horse, server intrusion, is often a grassroots webmaster can’t avoid it, but also the most helpless moment is the most helpless. If it is virtual space, you can help service providers to solve it, but the bitter, only experienced people can experience, if it is their own server, can only rely on their own groping, and even help friends read more

have 10 thousand WeChat fans how do you earn millions per month

perhaps, for the micro quotient you see, there are 10 thousand fans, should be relatively forced. For the public number you, only 10 thousand fans, too little, disdain. Whether it’s more or less, it’s still a lousy thing to do, and today I’m talking about some of my own operations.

these 10 thousand fans, intermittent operation for more than 1 years, so, in accordance with the normal situation, is indeed relatively slow, relatively poor.

the operation of a public number, the final result is nothing more than the number of fans, text reading, forwarding, collection and value conversion rate. read more

Study the choice of SEO keyword for rapidly increasing web traffic

topic this week: the keyword selection of

said the friends group inside can not find the site keywords, now I come to specifically talk about how to find the website keyword! ` in fact and site keywords determines the source of web traffic, so everyone should know the importance of the key word ` /


1, for web traffic selection Keywords:

< 1>: Baidu Fengyun list (most of the major domestic Baidu, GG hot list analysis)

1): popular search Top50: inside the least search volume also has 30 thousand or so, ha, if you do up, traffic scare you.. You may also know that these keywords concentration is, if you’re not ready to fight a protracted war or go regular warfare if not recommended directly pick the 50 keywords, then you can search on Baidu: read more

Shen Jian to build portal QQ group of people at county level gate station

For the

portal business owners, new problems: the popularity of the website, popularity, place the accurate flow; webmasters may have a problem, not a well-known website in the local business enterprises, go to the next line of pull advertising earnings will be a problem, popularity, we will from the QQ group to cut.

is a commonly used: QQ group, more effective and more simple interactive platform, through the QQ group to send promotional information, will attract users in the first time of the eye, allowing users to more quickly understand our website information. read more