Electricity supplier domain name 31 days dynamic B2B field of the top ten brands electricity supplie

e-commerce market has become everyone rushed to snatch the "big cake", in 2011 China Internet Conference, China Internet Association vice chairman Gao Xinmin said, China’s e-commerce transactions in the first half of this year the overall has been close to 3 trillion yuan, the end of the year to break six trillion no problem. So, what are the popular Chinese B2B e-commerce sites these sites and how to do it? Look at the period from July 21st to August 21st, the domestic B2B electricity supplier website ranking. read more

Art electricity supplier model is still immature difficult to have big

Lin Jianrong

really do the collection of people to adapt to the slow rhythm, the rhythm of a mess. Engage in their own collections or not to buy online, online shopping by the collectors are generally not really into the collection circle." In the thirty years of senior porcelain collector Liang Zhiwei on the first financial daily (micro-blog) "financial" reporters that he himself has never been in the electronic commerce platform online shopping over collections.

of the collectors words reflects the art collection of art electricity supplier’s view, this is probably the art electricity supplier has been testing the waters for several years but still tepid reason. In addition, the art of electricity providers what are the highlights and bottlenecks? read more

Jingzhou Hubei Bureau of commerce network was black leadership picture becomes three girls

Editor’s comment: webmaster network to remind the majority of webmaster friends to strengthen the protection of the site’s data backup is essential, especially some of the related to the privacy of users as well as banking related financial sites. Please also note the hacker friends, black website is a serious crime, fun and destroy youth mo.

                sports network   5, 9:23 in the morning, there are users to the report said, the Jingzhou Municipal Bureau of commerce website was hacked, the leaders became a scantily clad woman sexy. Reporters then call the Jingzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, a staff member of the Bureau said it had just received a notice of the Ministry of Commerce Web site was black, is currently trying to contact the company responsible for the maintenance of the site. read more

Three bitcoin platform all suspended bitcoin withdrawals business

bitcoin China 9 evening announcement, with immediate effect will suspend bitcoin, Wright currency withdrawals business. Notice that the lift is to further suppress the bitcoin market speculation, the possibility to prevent bitcoin illegal pyramid selling activities, foreign exchange and money laundering. At this point, the fire currency network, OKCoin bitcoin and bitcoin China’s three largest bitcoin trading platform suspended bitcoin, Wright currency withdrawals.

On the afternoon of 8

, the central bank interviewed 9 bitcoin trading platform including "China bitcoin, bitcoin trading network, bitcoin", "cloud money net", "gold", "BTC100", "poly currency net", "money shellfish network", "big fire so, the content involved in anti money laundering. read more

Second feisibuke Digest how to invest in nternet Co

Editor’s note: "

" is the second feisibuke snowball CEO side of salmon in the past three years on the dry cargo set. Party C text done "Southern Weekend" front page editor, when NetEase deputy chief editor, working in the media industry for many years; leave the media after the start, with tens of millions of dollars in venture capital to establish a snowball, snowball has now become the best investment community; in addition, he also in investment practice and explore a set of unique ideas and investment methods. Fang Sanwen’s pet phrase is "less than 100% of the transaction is expected to do", and he in 2013 Investment income reached 125%. read more

Jurisprudence benefit chain re investigation the new network is still against the wind

jurisprudence website interest chain re survey


network yinhuiseqing industry chain related to the yinhuiseqing website, the domain registrar, web server, network service providers, network space rental payment service providers, network advertising business and other aspects. Reporter recently found that in the national remediation jurisprudence site nearly half a year, the new network and other domestic domain registrar still did not strengthen the audit for the domestic network jurisprudence site open the floodgates wide to lead, jurisprudence repeated. read more

Tencent announced strategic investment public comment accounted for 20%

sina science and technology news February 19th afternoon news, Tencent today announced strategic investment public comment, accounting for about 20% shares. After the completion of the transaction, the public comment will continue to operate independently.

is reported that after the completion of the shares, the public comment merchant information, consumer reviews, buy, restaurant online booking and other local life services, and QQ, WeChat and other Tencent products. Today, 15:30 PM, public comment has appeared in the entrance of the WeChat platform. read more

Local station big business opportunities the rapid development of the nternet local services

in 2011, and at the same time the Internet started almost China local portal station and BBS have also entered the mature period. In May 23rd, after visiting a number of local owners and experts, Sohu IT found that the local station is no longer individual stationmaster wanpiao nature stronghold, and began brewing a number of income of over ten million million, even to the listed companies. At the same time, in the open and mobile Internet hot today, local stations have become the giants layout, the focus of contention. read more

Feasibility analysis of the site of the list of labor pains when to end

started from May 6th this year, a wide range of international export access failure, seems to confirm a news report 18 months ago: "the Ministry intends to push overseas domain white list system", the report in 2009 December once had caused the network industry panic, let many small sites face a crisis of survival.

‘s concept of "white list" corresponds to the "blacklist". Blacklist enabled after being blacklisted to the site can not be accessed. If you set up a white list, only in the white list of sites to visit. In the blacklist settings, the number of access to the site is far higher than the number of sites that are not accessible in the white list settings, can not access the site is far higher than can access the site, from this point of view, the "white list" strategy and actual "disconnection" strategy is roughly the same, if the implementation is completely change the current status of the Internet China. read more

The development plan of an enterprise network marketing department

today, our company began to work, and put into a tense state of work, the next day is closely related to the search engine and the company’s recent Web site. To be honest, the enterprise website marketing work is not suitable for a lot of people do, especially for the enterprise web site search engine ranking work, this work every day facing pressure, every search engine algorithms are subject to change, each change of company website rankings are likely to be lost, said the ability to do the job of people must have a very strong pressure. My job is to be responsible for the company’s corporate website search engine rankings, but now only keep 10 messages, because the first page of the Google and Baidu relevant keywords basically we can account for 8, and the top three are our company website. But this is still not satisfied with the boss, he needs the first three pages of Baidu and Google are all our information, ha ha, you may find it very funny, but it is true. We have to work hard to do, but really want to achieve his expectations that I am unlikely. After all, Baidu is not my home. And pull away, ha ha, today I just want to write their own point of view of the overall network marketing work. read more

nternet marketing color and ring

12 8 44 annual Golden Horse Awards "lust, caution" won won 8 awards, in addition from the hit rate of the global cinema the film grossed billions, especially in the area of the Chinese "lust, caution" box office shirupozhu. "Lust, caution" for many reasons of success, Zhang Ailing’s novel, the Golden Lion Award, and carrying the big star of the franchise, Ang Lee directing charm, erotic scenes deleted speculation, "but" sejie "cultural phenomenon" network formation and fuel are not unrelated. The mainland has not been released, pirated movies on the Internet have been available for download, released on the Internet is the beginning of a rash and too much in haste and color ring discussion. We use Baidu Search, find the relevant pages of about 46800000, that is to say we must login QQ, NSN pop-up window constantly interspersed movie reports; in addition to the major portals of entertainment news to "color, various news poster trailers ring" is the most important news in the eight hexagrams forum recommended location; on the blog, podcast, netizen comments and hearsay, the deleted erotic scenes were everyone touted even by netizens PS funny one in the network, the arms of Tony Leung the heroine as sister lotus. From a movie to a network of cultural phenomenon, and then think of the network as a mainstream industry formed in social relations resonance, and became China 03 years since the new economy is the focus of media attention, but also driven is closely related with the network through a series of new economic theories, such as the SP industry chain, the new entertainment economy, network virtual economy etc.. All of this can not help but let us think deeply, the network brought about by marketing, change what we have brought us what? Let us lose what? read more

The art of war is the site of the book

book is divided into thirteen chapters, mainly discusses the main problems of military science, the war experiences were summarized, and put forward some famous military proposition, and reveal some universal significance of military law. (if our personal webmaster can also be used on Sun Tzu to do stand, is the darling of the peak, every man has a different understanding, this is not self decomposition)

              grandson Yue:

when the country event of the death, the survival of the road, can not be ignored. read more

Deputy editor in chief of Tencent Network Ma content entrepreneurship needs to solve three major pro

Tencent science and technology news on June 30th, sponsored by the science and technology of Tencent T+ science and technology since the media matrix and the establishment of the contents of the venture capital forum held in Beijing. The most forward-looking from the media, entrepreneurs and investors will gather to discuss the contents of the bonus era opportunities and challenges. Deputy editor in chief of the network of Tencent Ma came to power.

Ma Li believes that with the intensification of the content platform competition, as well as the influx of a large number of media, the content of entrepreneurship has entered a new stage of rapid growth from barbarism. read more

Faced with five years of restructuring and restructuring entrepreneurs should grasp the future

whether it is a business unit, or a creative idea, they are changing every day, but also in a way you absolutely unexpected changes. Even some companies are now refusing to disclose their own development ideas, as well as the views held in the early days of the establishment.

, I can say that, if we carefully study those regarded as the industry leader in the company, it will find that they are in fact in the beginning, the main is now completely different business. For example, the online retail giant Amazon, it is one of my favorite companies. When they first started, in fact, only online book retail, which is their only business, they are also the best business. read more

What kind of data analysis method is suitable in product operation

products in the daily operation of the operation is certainly necessary to control the operation of some of the indicators. When faced with the out of order data, product operation buddy need to analyze the product data from different angles, and effectively guide the operation, effectively promote the product operations for work is not a small contribution. Then the data analysis method of what is appropriate? Today the first to introduce mr..

first, multidimensional event analysis

so-called multidimensional event, is the need for the product operator to the user in the product of all the trigger of the conventional action for dismantling. As a product of APP, the user from the download, open, browse, select, payment and so on, these are called user events, although each habits are not the same, each product business process is not the same. But the same as the Internet electricity supplier products, its operation steps in fact, up to 20 species, there are a lot of common. read more

Personal website construction and promotion of the general steps

is now building a site is actually a very hard thing, not to say that there is an idea can be implemented immediately, summed up, generally have to go through the following steps:

1, site planning, the need to provide what kind of services and functions, as well as the channel and column division

2, the preparation of web content, which need to provide electronic version, which need to provide pictures and images, the basic content is prepared to rely on the existing planning programs to collect and collate. read more

Personal webmaster SNS site should solve the problem

SNS site is a typical type of Web2.0 Internet applications, focusing on user interaction, the user is both the content of the browser, but also contributors. Typical representatives such as Renren, Kaixin, etc.. If the forum is square, then SNS is the home between the home and home visit each other’s attention, dynamic, focus on sharing etc.. Now there are a lot of personal webmaster operating their own SNS site, I believe there are a lot of their own experience. This article about personal webmaster SNS site should solve the problem, and we exchange, learn from you. This article represents only personal views. read more

Network marketing niche market

often have owners worry about not knowing what to do, want to do a hot project found a lot of competition is too fierce, but too popular industry also don’t want to try No one shows any interest in fear. This idea There are plenty of people who, in fact, some industry even if we can still try to upset and can do it well, because of the existence of niche markets have opened another door for us. This article on how to use the Internet marketing niche market allows you to strive for further improvement. read more

My forum is how to attract popularity

now many webmaster complaining about the site difficult, more difficult to do the forum website. Because the forum, the forum to do more difficult to promote. Since Discuz! Free Internet users to provide a forum program, basically will be as long as the Internet, will do so instantaneous forum, forum site of pear blossoms. Forum how to promote their own forum site, so that the majority of users know your forum? I will introduce my forum is how to promote and attract popularity.

for the Zhengzhou forum this in the local forum, how to promote it? I think the first is to make use of Post Bar propaganda, Post Bar high or very busy, I am to Zhengzhou Baidu Post Bar to publicity, this time for you and you don’t know, and you are to grab Post Bar users, Lord of course will delete your post, no matter how much you send, the Lord will also mercilessly deleted. So here I tell you 1 little skill, your forum as local forum, bound to each school board, and music video of the plate, you can manually update some nice music resources, and then get the Baidu Post Bar (the city Post Bar) to read more

Electricity supplier service to become a major event will be heavy section

electronic commerce the xiangbobo, envious how much of the food, as the electricity supplier behind the most important services, more and more people are respected and needs. In today’s electricity supplier environment, we first want to trace the reasons for the birth of the electricity supplier service providers, as well as the pattern of today, we can explore the future direction of development, but any industry wants to become a major event must pay attention to detail. Today, I will take you to look at the electricity supplier service industry two or three things. read more