Sweep will be able to refund so WeChat will optimize your overseas buy buy buy experience

Abstract: shopping overseas, the customs tax rebate queues is one of the worst experience. Caifutong by WeChat launched the "rebate" formal operation in May, sweep the passport can receive tax refund; SF express brother pick your tax refund form, but also more convenient


shopping has become a great pleasure and task for Chinese tourists abroad, and therefore the tax rebate is no longer a small number. But the tax rebate in the customs not only need to fill in multiple copies of the material, take a long time, the tax rebate is also not easy to receive, therefore, the majority of tourists due to cumbersome procedures have chosen to give up the tax rebate. read more

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of network accounting in e commerce environment

in today’s economic development, e-commerce more and more people’s lives. With the expansion of e-commerce, e-commerce is not only a simple transaction between individuals to buy and sell, but the enterprise and consumers, enterprises and suppliers of the active platform. Business transactions in the payment of goods, raw materials, such as the purchase is completed on the network. Financial related issue, documents and so on is also passed to the virtual electronic form. The form of accounting in e-commerce has been different from the actual accounting operation. Paperless, recessive, electronic, etc. are some of the characteristics of electronic commerce accounting. Electronic commerce is a new product of the development of information in our country, and the standardization of electronic commerce is not enough, so there are many advantages in the operation of electronic commerce. In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages will be discussed. read more

Taobao more opposed to do low cost explosion will encourage sellers to manage the seller

Beijing, Hangzhou, April (reporter Zhao Xiaoyan) – Taobao founded 12 years ago, its "universal" title also has a cheap label. However, the newly appointed president of the retail business group Ali epilepsy today at the 2015 annual Taobao sellers conference predicted that by the end of this year, the wireless side of the transaction volume will reach the proportion of 70%. While the wireless terminal based on personalized recommendation, Taobao will also encourage businesses to develop products, "low quality we compare against cheap now, the explosion, the next step of our personalized, quality support and recommendation." read more

The whole point of operation strategy of B2c website

seems to be a lot of people do B2C mall have such an idea: B2C mall are just beginning to burn. Many of the B2C’s leaders seem to be looking forward to the long term: the loss of a few years, a good reputation. A few years later, however, the website has disappeared from our eyes. The other day also contact with such a field in a B2C mall, many employees, the cost is also a lot of efforts, the establishment of the website about nearly a year, almost all rely on advertising to maintain network traffic, conversion rate of about one thousand. This B2C uses the open source mall, their products. But sales are very low, so many companies do not know what the staff was busy all day, we often see a lot of claims to invest millions of B2C mall, spent a lot of money but shrinking finally collapsed, and spend so much money to go on some promotion path rather than spend on the goods, so that consumers feel the price can have a reputation effect allowing users to help you promote. read more

Online shopping quietly rise of the gray industry pay thousands of dollars can revenge shop

experts: urgent need to establish a sound network credit rating system

online shopping for goods and photos is one hundred and eight thousand, and the seller in the intensification of contradictions, the public Miss Chen chose "violence" rights, commissioned by the company of network public relations the whole evil to the shop. Reporter survey found that with the increasing number of online shopping disputes, and the breeding of gray industrial chain is also growing. Experts believe that the domestic legal system and credit system is not perfect to strengthen the credit system. read more

Online booking site Eventbrite imitators PeaTiX 1 million financing

also remember previously written online booking website Eventbrite: ticket issued an amazing $1 billion! This article focuses on the operation of Eventbrite and the current record of brilliant achievements. Recently in Japan has seen a similar to the Eventbrite online booking site PeaTiX, probably because of the huge success of Eventbrite and want to create an online booking site in Japan, but they are similar in function and operation.

in Japan, there are serious problems such as booking difficult. Large booking sites are their own camp, so that a lot of information closed up, causing a lot of trouble to the user. So on the Amazon platform to understand each other’s two brothers TakuHarada and Emi teamed up to create the PeaTiX, and got a $1 million investment, including 500Startups, DGIncubation, etc.. read more

Alibaba financial services decryption the unique mode of revenue in the industry’s top

banks do not need to tremble. However, the Alibaba’s microfinance business, relying on its powerful B2C and B2B platform, is also doing well, is forming a super platform from orders to provide financing services for online merchants.

days ago, media reports said, Ali credit for Alibaba is ordinary members fully liberalized, without guarantee, mortgage, apply alone enterprise credit qualification can be 24 hours with the loan. Some analysts interpret the meaning of the electricity supplier to enter the financial sector, and shouted, shaking it, the bank! read more

Tmall Taobao home appliances Sakura fully repaying Ali said its product is fake


Taobao appliance Sakura fully repaying Ali said its products fake

[TechWeb] reported on April 3rd news, Ali announced Sakura repaying all the "wonderflower" brand merchandise in all Tmall Taobao platform, and to provide relevant information to the law enforcement departments in carrying out the line of precision strike. At the same time to remind the majority of consumers, this inferior brand products are still selling in other electronic business platform, must be carefully screened when buying, to prevent deception. read more

Jingdong 2014 ideal fullness

Meng Mei / Wen

at the Columbia University in the United States for 4 months "Liu" was, and was interviewed by the media, this is the year of Liu Qiangdong’s second appearance in front of the media, the first time is at the Jingdong POP platform conference, at that time, Liu also just came back from the United States, his first reaction is black media the thin, to see the same. According to Liu himself, lost 36.

see the reporter’s first sentence, Liu said: "we are the first three quarters of the whole to achieve a profit, no loss." Heartfelt happy, everyone can see. For Jingdong, this is the first time to stand up straight. read more

How do you plan a website

Please get your pen and paper ready!


1. advertising for their own businessSales of />2.

3. to establish a public service

4. for a kind of idea, idea, cause to do propaganda

5. to make their business to the world


1. is very small, there is a site on the line

2. start from the smallest scale, and then gradually develop

3. is quite complex

4. extremely large and complex


1. business professionals

2. female

3. male

4. teen

5. children

6. students

7. all the people? )

8. other


1. content oriented, professional design, careful

2. visual design trendy, login speed

3. with a large number of graphics and animation, ignoring the login speed

4. focuses on visual design, but also quickly

5. login speed is the most important


1. search engine

2. paid advertising

3. news

4. directional email

5. free ad

6. free consulting service

7. links

8. classified ads

9. header advertising

10. card


12. direct mail

13. other


read more