Jilin opening of the first electricity supplier innovation week

although China’s electricity supplier model has matured, but if you want to make a breakthrough, you need to actively carry out innovative attempts to create a new electricity supplier model. The first electricity supplier innovation and Entrepreneurship Week recently opened in Jilin to explore the future development of electricity providers.

11 9, by the Jilin municipal government, the Provincial Department of human resources and social, China’s e-commerce base alliance hosted the first Jilin electricity supplier innovation and Entrepreneurship Week in the construction of stone · Songhua River wisdom Metro curtain. Jilin city mayor Zhang Huanqiu, Minister of Municipal Committee, Municipal Committee Li Fucai, vice mayor Xu Li, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, municipal government Sun Baoyu party members attended the event. read more

There must be a lot of passenger traffic

a lot of people in the shop when the site will take into account the traffic problem, in general, traffic more places more suitable for our shop management, however, this does not mean that we just need to shop location and the passenger flow as the only reference factor. There must be a lot of traffic business? Let’s analyze it together.

, a lot of people coming and going every day, but their purchasing power is not enough, so I sell is not very good." Entrepreneur Yang Yun in the Nanning peace shopping stalls, main hand accessories materials, beginning to take over this booth, she manages these accessories as one, the business is very good, a few dollars to tens of dollars every day, take the amount of good accessories. read more

Mudanjiang poor families get financial assistance

to the Spring Festival, many people will be very happy, but for many poor families, have become very difficult, in the city of Mudanjiang, many poor families get financial aid, let them feel the warmth, become a driving force for the public. Let them feel the support from the government.

to January 16th, Mudanjiang in 2017 to send warm activity officially kicked off. It is understood that in order to ensure that the workers of the city, especially the difficulties workers are able to live a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, Mudanjiang City Federation of trade unions for half a month to raise 5 million yuan of funds warmth, before the Spring Festival will focus on the city’s 12 thousand rescue workers in difficulties. read more

What is the most profitable thing to sell in the investment market in 2012

investors want to invest in a good market, it depends on what is currently on the market is relatively short, what is the larger market demand, the market is now the most profitable? Want to make money is not to talk about the line. Understanding of the laws of the market now, the pulse of the market closely, in that part of the market’s most profitable investment.

2012 what the most profitable investment? Fencing, boxing hall

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The wufangzhai chain stores operating conditions

wants to invest for a lot of wufangzhai food franchisees, need to fully understand the brand to join conditions what? Do you know all of this?

wufangzhai food franchise

1, 18 years old or above, with independent ability to independently bear civil liability.

2, wufangzhai identity of corporate culture and business philosophy, product trademarks, cognitive wufangzhai.

3, maintain wufangzhai brand and image, not by the wufangzhai brand effect harm the interests of consumers.

4, there is an independent, in line with our construction requirements of the store. read more

Three elements to grasp the thinking of entrepreneurs

has never stepped into the field of entrepreneurship to create a new passenger, the accurate grasp of the direction of navigation is not an easy thing to wear a variety of ships. Change the way of thinking, in accordance with the positioning of an entrepreneur to think, you can consider the three basic elements: 1, direction, the founder team; 3, products and models.

A, direction: the development trend of social custom

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The snow investment industry usher in good time

2015, China successfully bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, and the most recent period, Xinjiang also held the Thirteenth National Winter games. These two sports events greatly enhance the Chinese people’s love for ice and snow sports. Ice industry is about to usher in the spring.

for the key five years coincided with the "13th Five-Year" period, the 2022 Winter Olympics so organized as one of Beijing’s preparations for the Olympics, do a separate article in the "13th Five-Year" plan. In the successful bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau also formed the "Beijing Municipal People’s government views" on accelerating the development of ice and snow sports, mass sports fitness, sports, Youth Action ice snow sports, snow, ice, snow and ice industry sport facilities and snow sports personnel 7 supporting planning. read more

What are the mistakes in the retail process

everyone in life will form some mistakes, retail store owners if the daily operation of the careless, more likely to encounter more mistakes. Once the error, often have a very negative impact on the operation of the store. In short, although the retail activities seem simple, but in reality is not simple, involving many aspects of the parties (including some details), the need for retail households careful, careful. However, in the retail business, as a result of retail households temporarily careless, some mistakes and errors are inevitable. But after the occurrence of the need for cautious and prudent handling of retail. What are the mistakes in the retail process? read more

The robot also became a new approach and judge of the courts of Nanjing

technology continues to progress, so that our lives have changed a lot, especially in the use of intelligent life, not only to facilitate the majority of the people, but also for the relevant government units to provide new benefits. Recently, some media reports, according to the Nanjing intermediate people’s court, the person in charge of the project, said the hospital decided in 2017, the introduction of intelligent robots to improve the quality of handling cases and handling efficiency. 2, Nanjing City Intermediate People’s Court issued an official statement, the false reports, the hospital has never been established, far did not intend to set up "robot project department", but had not been appointed "robot project manager". read more