Ebola “Fight Requires A Commitment From Every Nation That Has The Capacity To Help”

first_imgDear World,In just over six months, Ebola has managed to bring my country to a standstill. We have lost over 2,000 Liberians. Some are children struck down in the prime of their youth. Some were fathers, mothers, brothers or best friends. Many were brave health workers that risked their lives to save others, or simply offer victims comfort in their final moments. There is no coincidence Ebola has taken hold in three fragile states – Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea – all battling to overcome the effects of interconnected wars. In Liberia, our civil war ended only eleven years ago. It destroyed our public infrastructure, crushed our economy and led to an exodus of educated professionals. A country that had some 3,000 qualified doctors at the start of the war was dependent by its end on barely three dozen. In the last few years, Liberia was bouncing back. We realized there was a long way to go, but the future was looking bright. Now Ebola threatens to erase that hard work. Our economy was set to be larger and stronger this year, offering more jobs to Liberians and raising living standards. Ebola is not just a health crisis – across West Africa, a generation of young people risk being lost to an economic catastrophe as harvests are missed, markets are shut and borders are closed. The virus has been able to spread so rapidly because of the insufficient strength of the emergency, medical and military services that remain under-resourced and without the preparedness to confront such a challenge. This would have been the case whether the confrontation was with Ebola, another infectious disease, or a natural disaster. But one thing is clear. This is a fight in which the whole world has a stake. This disease respects no borders. The damage it is causing in West Africa, whether in public health, the economy or within communities – is already reverberating throughout the region and across the world. The international reaction to this crisis was initially inconsistent and lacking in clear direction or urgency. Now finally, the world has woken up. The community of nations has realized they cannot simply pull up the drawbridge and wish this situation away. This fight requires a commitment from every nation that has the capacity to help – whether that is with emergency funds, medical supplies or clinical expertise. I have every faith in our resilience as Liberians, and our capacity as global citizens, to face down this disease, beat it and rebuild. History has shown that when a people are at their darkest hour, humanity has an enviable ability to act with bravery, compassion and selflessness for the benefit of those most in need. From governments to international organisations, financial institutions to NGOs, politicians to ordinary people on the street in any corner of the world, we all have a stake in the battle against Ebola. It is the duty of all of us, as global citizens, to send a message that we will not leave millions of West Africans to fend for themselves against an enemy that they do not know, and against whom they have little defence. The time for talking or theorizing is over. Only concerted action will save my country, and our neighbours, from experiencing another national tragedy. The words of Henrik Ibsen have never been truer: “A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed.”Yours sincerely,Ellen Johnson SirleafShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

CSX announces rate increases for grain

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest CSX recently announced that there will be new rates for grain shippers that will have an impact on Ohio grain producers, at least in the short term. The new rates could significantly impact elevator and terminal grain pricing, as well as grain logistics, markets and movements.“This is a big deal for the grain industry that we need to be watching,” said Chris Henney, president and CEO of the Ohio AgriBusiness Association (OABA). “It is something that could have a significant impact on Ohio’s grain producers. This could be an issue affecting the basis for farmers, especially in these times of depressed commodity prices.”States including Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan have increased CSX rates that are scheduled to go into effect on Oct. 1. The inconsistent nature of the rates is a concern.“The new rate structure picks ‘winners and losers,’ meaning that some existing grain handlers are disadvantaged more than others,” Henney said. “The new rates reportedly are disproportionate in how they impact similar operations, causing uncertainty and confusion.”Grain elevators are already accepting grain bids for this fall when the rate increases are planned and there are many questions and concerns about the situation. Legacy Farmers Cooperative in Northwest Ohio is trying to make decisions for this fall that minimize the impact to the cooperative and the producers it serves based upon the confusing CSX rate changes they face.“It looks like we will most likely see a shift of where grain is being shipped, but a lot of the details are yet to be determined. The market is still analyzing how this affects all sides of our business,” said Mitch Welty, grain manager for Legacy Farmers Cooperative. “CSX has just handed us a piece of a puzzle that will potentially shift the market. This has come as a surprise to the shippers and end users, especially those that have invested in assets to improve their ability to supply the market. The market needs time to sort it out, then we will see how it affects things on down the chain.”Until then, OABA is closely monitoring the situation.“OABA is actively engaged with our member companies and state/national partners on this issue,” Henney said. “We are working with our partners to develop a strategy to engage the Surface Transportation Board.”Henney said that the new CSX rates will likely have the following impacts on Ohio agriculture:Reportedly, these increases will impose additional shipping costs ranging from 10 to 20 cents per bushel of grain hauled by CSX, which translates to anywhere between a 35% to 380% increase in transportation costs.The increase in transportation costs may be passed down to farmers, likely through reduced local basis.Many grain handlers impacted negatively by these new rates have invested heavily — millions of dollars — to improve their own rail loading operations, often with the encouragement, if not insistence of CSX, are now put at an economic disadvantage compared to those using other rail lines without rate increases.The increased rates on the CSX likely will alter and disrupt customary “grain flows,” with consequences on agribusinesses, farmers and customers.Additionally, customers of Ohio-produced grain may be forced to look elsewhere for grain due to higher costs. This could mean an increase in imports of grain from South America for major feeders located near ports, which would hurt Ohio companies, producers and others.The potential of lower volumes on rail puts additional pressure on the viability of short line railroads, which largely rely on agricultural shipments for their livelihood. This comes at a difficult time for short line operators, who are looking for opportunities to improve deteriorating infrastructure. Lower volume could mean decreased revenue and ultimately even more deterioration of the infrastructure, if not the abandonment of some lines.While a complete shift to trucking is not viable, these rate increases could put dramatically more trucks on the roads to move grain from traditional rail houses to more competitive rail houses.last_img read more

Comprehensive Guide on How Web Push Notifications Work

first_imgThe clickable rich content messages sent to you through the browser are known as web push notification. You need not be on the browser or web page to receive the notification. You will keep receiving the messages at their own time and pace as set by the marketer.What is web push notification?The concept of web push notification had first come into the picture way back in 215 by Chrome. The particular version then had two new APIs that allowed websites to push short messages as notifications to their users in real time even after the browser was closed. The best part of web push notification was it was permission-based and opt-in. The website business owner was asking for opt-in permission to send the further message to the user at regular intervals and frequency.Slowly vendors started creating web push notification tools through which you can send your users the messages. The upgraded version allowed web browsers to send messages as notification similar to apps – this was something that was definitely missing and was required as well.From the time web push notification has come into the picture, online marketers have opened doors to brand new possibilities. Web push notification has given new meaning to their marketing strategies and given them the brilliant opportunity to tap the target audience real-time. Through this, you can keep in touch with your users and subscribers effectively and on-the-go. Digital Marketing Jobs in the Government Sector Therefore, as the name suggests, push notification is literally ‘pushed’ into the browsers through the backend server using vendor created tools. These are alert messages that appear where the eyesight goes mostly, either on the right-hand corner of the browser screen. However, the browser needs to recognize and allow the push notification to make it appear on the browser. Today almost all popular browsers allow web push notifications to appear.The best part of web push notification is that your messages will get delivered to the users’ device even when he is not browsing your website. Now with digital platform changing so rapidly, web push application tools are allowing images and videos to be included in the push notifications. However, it is always advisable to keep the content within 100-120 characters. Your content has to be crisp, lucid and extremely compelling so that you can ensure your user clicks on it.How does web push notifications work? The fact is simple. You just cannot let your visitors land on your website and leave without conversion. You must draw something out of them. This is where the best part of web push notification comes:TargetEngageRe-engageRetargetWith web push notifications you can do all this and more and create impactful conversions.So how does it work? The answer is simple. Web push notifications appear on the browsers – Chrome, Firefox or Safari, as a pop-up. It can be viewed from desktop, laptop, tablets or mobile devices. The user will be first asked permission to allow notifications in the future or not. Once the user clicks on ‘allow’ or ‘yes’, your future messages will keep popping up and reaching his device as and when you trigger them.Your compelling messages should be action-oriented compelling them to take some prompt action. The push notifications tools are built in such a way that even if the user is offline, your message will get sent. One of the most important features of push notifications is the pop-up blockers cannot block them.How does web push notification work technically?The tool is JavaScript based that needs to be integrated with your website. The API pull from the backend to the application that push out your message to appear on the user’s device. It is the JavaScript file or the .js file that will receive the push on the device. So here are the steps:How web push notifications started?The year 2003Blackberry was the first operating system to launch push emails. The objective was to save the time the business executives take to check their emails for instant notifications. The attempt was an instant hit. People loved the idea of push email – getting sharp and compelling short meaningful messages on-the-go.The year 2009 – 2010Apple was the first to launch Apple push notification. This was soon followed by Google – the unique concept of the cloud to device messaging solution.The year 2012C2DM was replaced by GCM and new features were added to web push notificationsThe year 2015 Chrome launched support for web push notifications followed by FirefoxIndustry-wise web push notification engagementWhat are the browsers that support web push notifications Don’t leave your cart filled with goodies you might want to purchase. Check the items before your leave in one click! The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Tags:#Browser Push Notifications#Browsers#Mobile Push Nofitication#Web Push Notifications What does a normal push notification contain?Usually, a web push notification must have the following aspects:TitleDescriptionCall to ActionImage or video (optional)Brand logoLanding pageTitleThe title is the first line that your user will read. Therefore, you need to have a copy that is catchy and compelling.DescriptionWithin 100-120 characters you need to convey your message to your user. Whether it is an upcoming sale, a software update, a shipment delivery notification or a limited period discount offer – the reason you are choosing web push notification over other marketing medium means it has some sense of urgency in it. Therefore, you must create a copy that will be attention-grabbing and convincing. The copy in one single sentence must convey the entire message and compel the user to click on the call to action button.Call to ActionCall to action is the button that will be clickable and take the user to the landing page or simply accept future messaging. It can be a word like ‘allow’ or ‘yes’ or something similar to ‘yes, am interested’ or ‘let’s talk’.Image or video (optional)These days push marketing tools are allowing marketers to include images and videos as well to make it visually appealing and attention-grabbing.Brand logoYour brand logo is a must to ensure that your user is able to relate to your brand.Landing pagePush notifications today come with a landing page where you will take your user after they click on the call to action button. The landing page must talk about the message in the shortest way possible. It can have a discount coupon cope, a short software update, details of the offer or shipment details. You can also include a lead capturing form for lead generation purpose. However, many marketers do not prefer landing pages. They try to include the entire message in the notification tab and deliver the entire message at one go.Why push notification is popular than email marketingYou must be wondering how this new kid in the block became so famous as any other digital marketing medium. To know that you need to understand the benefits of web push notification. But first, you need to understand how it is better than even email marketing, the king of digital marketing medium.One of the reasons why web push notifications are so popular because its conversion rate is so high. The data above clearly shows the stark difference between email marketing and web push notification. Through web push notification marketers can build their marketing campaign list 30 times faster than they can through email campaigns.Given below is a comparison we have drawn between SMS, email and web push notification:What are the key benefits of web push notifications?Easy to integrateMarketers find web push notification easy to handle. Everything is done by the service provider tool. Therefore, you simply need to integrate the two and voila! You are ready to roll.User-friendly interfaceThe service providers are going out of their way to provide user-friendly tools to the marketers. They want to ensure that marketers spend a minimum of the time on the tools and get the maximum benefits.No app requiredCreating an app is an expensive process. Sometimes your browser is enough to get you your business done. Therefore, with web push notifications your users do not require an app. They will get the notification messages after the allow you permission.Opt-in processThe best is that the entire process is opt-in and you are asking the user for permission before sending any notification. This way you can keep your website free from any spam complaints.Guaranteed delivery of the messageYour user need not be online always to receive your message. You can trigger the notification with a pre-set timer and it will reach the browser on the set time and date.Real-time messagingConsumers today want to enjoy everything on-the-go. Thus, push notifications does just that. You can reach your user with your message as and when you want them to get it.Timer set messaging The push notification tools allow you to send messages with a pre-determined time and date. The logic is simple. You cannot send a discount offer on a weekday morning when you know your user is busy with meetings or work. Such messages must be read at leisure. However, an important shipment update can be sent anytime or a software update can be read at any time. You need to plan and strategize your campaigns accordingly and trigger.Smart copyCreating a web push is much faster than creating a full-fledged email campaign. You can spread your message among your target market in just 100 characters. Be crisp, lucid and compelling in your copy and you can ensure high click-through rates than any email or social media campaigns.Impacts of web push notification on industriesFew industries have immediately taken to web push notifications almost immediately. Among that are:E-commerceTravel & HospitalitySportsMediaBanking & FinanceE-commerce industry uses web push notification to the maximum followed by Travel. As an e-commerce portal owner, you can send notification on your upcoming flash sale or deliver the shipment delivery status or discount on the next purchase and the coupon code. It was revealed after a study that 1.61 billion people shop worldwide online. They need to know shipping details, status, future discount offers and flash sale offers on the go. This is where you can use push notifications.Another reason why e-commerce marketers are using the web push notification is to stop cart abandonment. Almost 72% online shoppers have the habit of abandoning the cart in the middle of the shopping for various reasons. E-commerce portals can save on cart abandonment and send vital information on shipping and delivery on-the-go to their customers.Similarly, travel portals can send discount coupons and holiday plans to their prospects and customers according to their buyer persona. Travel industry and sports industry are also avidly using web push notifications followed by Banking and Finance industry.Who are the top web push notification service providers?There are a number of high-end and basic tools available. However, there are a few distinct ones that we have picked out for you so that it becomes easier for you to select.PushmazePushmaze is one of the most affordable tools available in the block. The best part about this tool is unlike other service providers you will not be charged as per the number of subscribers. Instead, you will be given a monthly subscription of a fixed amount.With Pushmaze you can:Send scheduled push notificationsGet versatile JS and REST APIsSegment your subscribers as per their location, interests and purchase behaviorSend image notificationsReach multiple users at one goBulkpushThis tool provides both web and mobile push notifications services. Their tool supports browsers like WordPress, iOS, and Windows 8. The tool is the affordable and popular amount the marketers. They offer rich formatting, multiple language push and geo-targeted tapping among other features.Amazon web servicesAmazon offers web push service that is well-known for being fast-paced and innovative.Closing ThoughtsWhat matters to you as a marketer is the high amount of conversion and branding? This is followed by customer and prospect engagement. Web push notifications ensure you get that and more. You are reaching your customers in real time, you are delivering your messages and you are getting conversions higher than other marketing mediums like email and SMS. All this without even having an app. So imagine the amount of benefit you can reap out of this unique marketing tool.center_img AI is Not the Holy Grail of Sales, at Least Not… Marry Ann Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry Marry Ann is a branding consultant for PushMaze, a service that lets you send trackable push notifications for users. She mainly passionate about building brands in all aspect of online marketing. Related Posts last_img read more