Crysis 2 does not use EA Online Pass

first_imgI’m sure more than a few gamers now check to see if a game is published by EA before deciding to buy. The reason: Project Ten Dollar, officially known as EA Online Pass.OP was introduced to try and offset the impact of used game sales on publishers by charging an extra $10 to anyone who wants to access online features in a title. You can buy and play a used game as normal, but some or all online features may be blocked until you pay for a pass. That may work for EA, but for gamers it means an extra $10 on the price of buying a used game for the full experience the developer intended you to have.Crysis 2 is being published by EA, and the FPS is certainly going to have a memorable multiplayer experience. A perfect game for EA to impose OP for, right? Wrong. According to Crytek the game will not use it.EA can only impose OP on the games it has direct involvement with developing and publishing. Crytek is part of the EA Partners program which is slightly different. More control stays with the developer because they aren’t owned (or funded I believe) by EA and therefore they retain an option to use OP or not.Crytek decided against OP because they see it as a blocker for gamers trying the multiplayer experience on console. Also, at the time they had to decide whether to use it or not the OP project was still being established so it was unclear exactly how well it would work or be received by the public.So anyone picking up Crysis 2 later this month can trade it for a decent price to a willing retailer, and then those buying it used can do so safe in the knowledge there is no multiplayer gaming charge imposed by EA.Read more at Gamertag Radiolast_img read more